Part # STLV3243EB datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: + - 15KV ESD protected 2.3 to 5.5V, 400Kbps, RS-232 Transceiver with auto-powerdown

Part Details:

STLV3243E ±15KV ESD PROTECTED 2.3 TO 5.5V, 400KBPS, RS-232 TRANSCEIVER WITH AUTO-POWERDOWN I ESD PROTECTION FOR RS-232 I/O PINS: ±8KV IEC 1000-4-2 CONTACT DISCHARGE±15KV HUMAN BODY MODEL I 1µA SUPPLY CURRENT ACHIEVED WHEN IN AUTO-POWERDOWN I 250Kbps MINIMUM GUARANTEED DATA RATE I GUARANTEED 6V/µs SLEW RATE RANGE I GUARANTEED MOUSE DRIVEABILITY Flip-Chip28 I 0.1µF EXTERNAL CAPACITORS I MEET EIA/TIA-562 SPECIFICATIONS I AVAILABLE IN FLIP-CHIP28 PACKAGES disabled. If FORCEOFF is set low, both drivers DESCRIPTION and receivers (expert R2B) are shut off, and The STLV3243E device consists of 3 drivers, 5 supply current is reduced to 1µA. Disconnecting receivers and a dual charge-pump circuit. All the serial port or turning off the peripheral drives transmitter outputs and receiver inputs are causes the auto-powerdown condition to occur. protected up to ±8KV USING IEC 1000-4-2 Auto-powerdown can be disabled when contact discharge and ±15KV using the Human FORCEON and FORCEOFF are high, and this Body Model. The receiver R2 is always active to should be done when driving a serial mouse. With implement a wake-up feature for serial port. The Auto-powerdown enabled, the device is device is guaranteed to run at data rates of automatically activated when a valid signal is 250kbps while maintaining RS-562 output levels. applied to any receiver input. The Auto-powerdown feature operates when Typical applications are notebooks, PDAs, FORCEON is low and FORCEOFF is high. During smart-phones, hand-held equipment, palmtop this operation mode, if the device does not sense computers, peripherals, battery-powered a valid RS-562 signal, the driver outputs are equipment, and printers. Table 1: Order Codes Temperature Type Package

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