Part # LM4925 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM4925 Boomer ® Audio Power Amplifier Series 2 Cell, Single Ended Output, 40mW Stereo Headphone Audio Amplifier

Part Details:

LM4925 February 2005 2 LM4925 Cell, 2 Cell, Single Ended Output, 40mW Stereo HeadphoneAudio Amplifier Single General Description Key Specifications The unity gain stable LM4925 is both a mono differential n Mono-BTL Output Power output (for BTL operation) audio amplifier and a Single n (R = 8, V = 3.0V, THD+N = 1%) 410mW (typ) Ended L DD Ended (SE) stereo headphone amplifier. Operating on a n Single Ended Output Power Per Channel single 3V supply, the mono-BTL mode delivers 410mW into n (R = 16, V = 3.0V, THD+N = 1%) 40mW (typ) L DD an 8 load at 1% THD+N. In Single Ended stereo head- n Micropower shutdown current 0.1µA (typ) phone mode, the amplifier delivers 40mW per channel into a n Supply voltage operating range 1.5V < V < 3.6V 16 load at 1% THD+N. DD Output, n PSRR 100Hz, V = 3V, BTL 70dB (typ) DD With the LM4925 packaged in the MM and LLP packages,the customer benefits include low profile and small size. This Features package minimizes PCB area and maximizes output power. The LM4925 features circuitry that reduces output transients n BTL mode for mono speaker ("clicks" and "pops") during device turn-on and turn-off, an n 2-cell 1.5V to 3.6V battery operation 40mW externally controlled, low-power consumption, active-low n Single ended headphone operation with output coupling shutdown mode, and thermal shutdown. Boomer audio capacitors power amplifiers are designed specifically to use few exter-

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