Part # MAX3784-MAX3784A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX3784-4A DS

Part Details:

19-2565; Rev 4; 10/07 5Gbps PCB Equalizer MAX3784/MAX3784A General Description Features The MAX3784/MAX3784A 5Gbps equalizers provide Spans 40in (1m) of FR-4 PCB compensation for transmission-medium losses in up to40in of FR-4. They are optimized for short-run length 0.18UI Deterministic Jitter Up to 40in and balanced codes such as 8b10b, as found in multi- Low Power Consumption: 185mW (MAX3784) plexed 1.25Gbps Ethernet systems and 4.25GbpsFibre Channel. Equalization Reduces Intersymbol Interference The equalizers use differential CML data inputs and Single +3.3V Supply outputs. A standby mode reduces power consumption Standby Mode when the parts are not in use. The MAX3784/MAX3784A are available in a 4mm × 4mm, 16-pin QFN Small 4mm × 4mm, 16-Pin QFN Package package that consumes only 185mW at +3.3V. Pin Configurations Applications Chassis Life Extension - TOP VIEW V CC OUT+ OUT GND 4.25Gbps Fibre Channel 12 11 10 9 4x Multiplexed 1.25Gbps Ethernet (5Gbps) EN 13 8 N.C. N.C. 14 7 V Ordering Information CC MAX3784/ N.C. 15 MAX3784A 6 GND TEMP PIN- PKG PART RANGE PACKAGE CODE

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MAX3784-MAX3784A.pdf Datasheet