Part # MAX6690 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX6690 DS

Part Details:

19-2190; Rev 1; 5/06 2°C Accurate Remote/Local Temperature Sensor with SMBus Serial Interface MAX6690 General Description Features The MAX6690 is a precise digital thermometer that High Accuracy ±2°C (max) from +70°C to +100°C reports the temperature of both a remote P-N junction (Remote) and its own die. The remote junction can be a diode-con- 11-Bit, 0.125°C Resolution nected transistor--typically a low-cost, easily mounted Dual Channel: Measures Remote and Local 2N3904 NPN type or 2N3906 PNP type--that replaces Temperature conventional thermistors or thermocouples. Remote No Calibration Required accuracy is ±2°C for multiple transistor manufacturers, Programmable Under/Overtemperature Alarms with no calibration needed. The remote junction can alsobe a common-collector PNP, such as a substrate PNP of I2C*-Compatible/SMBus Interface a microprocessor (µP). +3V to +5.5V Supply Range The 2-wire serial interface accepts standard System Ordering Information Management Bus (SMBusTM), Write Byte, Read Byte,Send Byte, and Receive Byte commands to program the PART TEMP. RANGE PIN-PACKAGE alarm thresholds and to read temperature data. MAX6690MEE -55°C to +125°C 16 QSOP Measurements can be done automatically andautonomously, with the conversion rate programmed by Typical Operating Circuit the user, or programmed to operate in a single-shotmode. The adjustable conversion rate allows the user tooptimize supply current and temperature update rate to 0.1µF 200 +3V TO +5V SUPPLY match system needs. When the conversion rate is fasterthan 1Hz, the conversion results are available as a 7-bit- CPU VCC STBY 10k EACH plus-sign byte with a 1°C LSB. When the conversion rateis 1Hz or slower, the MAX6690 enters the extended MAX6690 DXP SMBCLK mode. In this mode, 3 additional bits of temperature data CLOCK are available in the extended resolution register, provid- SMBDATA DATA ing 10-bit-plus-sign resolution with a 0.125°C LSB. DXN

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