Part # AD8200 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD8200 High Common-Mode Voltage Single-Supply Difference Amplifier Data Sheet (REV. B)

Part Details:

High Common-Mode Voltage, Single-Supply Difference Amplifier AD8200 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM High Common-Mode Voltage Range ­2 V to +24 V at a SOIC (R) Package 5 V Supply Voltage Die Form Operating Temperature Range Die: ­40 C to +150 C NC A1 A2 +VS Supply Voltage Range: 4.7 V to 12 VLow-Pass Filter (One Pole or Two Pole) AD8200 100k EXCELLENT AC AND DC PERFORMANCE G = 10 G = 2 1 mV Voltage Offset +IN +IN +IN 10 ppm/ C Typ Gain Drift A1 A2 OUT 80 dB CMRR Min DC to 10 kHz ­IN ­IN ­IN 10k PLATFORMS 200k 200k Transmission Control 10k Diesel Injection ControlEngine ManagementAdaptive Suspension Control NC = NO CONNECT GND Vehicle Dynamics Control GENERAL DESCRIPTION Automotive platforms demand precision components for better The AD8200 is a single-supply difference amplifier for amplifying system control. The AD8200 provides excellent ac and dc per- and low-pass filtering small differential voltages in the presence of formance that keeps errors to a minimum in the user s system. a large common-mode voltage. The input CMV range extends Typical offset and gain drift in the SOIC package are 6 µV/°C from ­2 V to +24 V at a typical supply voltage of 5 V. and 10 ppm/°C, respectively. The device also delivers a mini- The AD8200 is offered in die and packaged form. Both package mum CMRR of 80 dB from dc to 10 kHz.

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