Part # LM56 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM56 Dual Output Low Power Thermostat

Part Details:

LM56 January 2006 Dual LM56 Output Dual Output Low Power ThermostatGeneral Description Features The LM56 is a precision low power thermostat. Two stable n Digital outputs support TTL logic levels Low temperature trip points (V and V ) are generated by T1 T2 n Internal temperature sensor dividing down the LM56 1.250V bandgap voltage reference n 2 internal comparators with hysteresis using 3 external resistors. The LM56 has two digital outputs. n Internal voltage reference OUT1 goes LOW when the temperature exceeds T1 and Power n Available in 8-pin SO and Mini-SO8 plastic packages goes HIGH when the the temperature goes below (T1­T ). Similarly, OUT2 goes LOW when the tempera- HYST Key Specifications ture exceeds T2 and goes HIGH when the temperature goesbelow (T2­T ). T is an internally set 5°C typical HYST HYST j Power Supply Voltage 2.7V­10V hysteresis. Thermostat j Power Supply Current 230 µA (max) The LM56 is available in an 8-lead Mini-SO8 surface mountpackage and an 8-lead small outline package. j V 1.250V ±1% (max) REF j Hysteresis Temperature 5°C Applications j Internal Temperature Sensor Output Voltage: n Microprocessor Thermal Management (+6.20 mV/°C x T) + 395 mV

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LM56.pdf Datasheet