Part # L6566A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Multi-mode controller for SMPS with PFC front-end

Part Details:

L6566A Multi-mode controller for SMPS with PFC front-end Features Selectable multi-mode operation: fixed frequency or quasi-resonant On-board 700 V high-voltage start-up Advanced light load management Low quiescent current (< 3 mA) SO16N Adaptive UVLO Line feedforward for constant power capability vs mains voltage Applications Pulse-by-pulse OCP, shutdown on overload (latched or autorestart) Notebook, TV and LCD monitors adapters Transformer saturation detection High power chargers Switched supply rail for PFC controller PDP/LCD TV Latched or autorestart OVP Consumer appliances, like DVD, VCR, set-top Brownout protection box -600/+800 mA totem pole gate driver with IT equipment, games, aux. power supplies active pull-down during UVLO Power supplies in excess of 150 W SO16N package Figure 1. Block diagram VREF SS COMP VFF 10 14 9 15 VCC 6.4V TIME - OVPL 1 SOFT-START OVP OUT LOW CLAMP OFF2 I HV & charge & DISABLE

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L6566A.pdf Datasheet