Part # LM61 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM61 2.7V, SOT-23 or TO-92 Temperature Sensor

Part Details:

LM61 August 2005 2.7V LM61 ,SOT 2.7V, SOT-23 or TO-92 Temperature SensorGeneral Description Applications -23 The LM61 is a precision integrated-circuit temperature sen- n Cellular Phones sor that can sense a -30°C to +100°C temperature range n Computers or while operating from a single +2.7V supply. The LM61 s n Power Supply Modules output voltage is linearly proportional to Celsius (Centigrade) T n Battery Management temperature (+10 mV/°C) and has a DC offset of +600 mV. O-92 n FAX Machines The offset allows reading negative temperatures without the n Printers need for a negative supply. The nominal output voltage of theLM61 ranges from +300 mV to +1600 mV for a -30°C to n HVAC T +100°C temperature range. The LM61 is calibrated to pro- n Disk Drives emperature vide accuracies of ±2.0°C at room temperature and ±3°C n Appliances over the full -25°C to +85°C temperature range. The LM61 s linear output, +600 mV offset, and factory cali- Key Specifications bration simplify external circuitry required in a single supply j Accuracy at 25°C ±2.0 or ±3.0°C environment where reading negative temperatures is re-quired. Because the LM61 s quiescent current is less than (max) 125 µA, self-heating is limited to a very low 0.2°C in still air. j Accuracy for -30°C to +100°C ±4.0°C (max) Shutdown capability for the LM61 is intrinsic because its j Accuracy for -25°C to +85°C ±3.0°C (max) Sensor inherent low power consumption allows it to be powereddirectly from the output of many logic gates. j Temperature Slope +10 mV/°C j Power Supply Voltage Range +2.7V to +10V Features j Current Drain @ 25°C 125 µA (max) n Calibrated linear scale factor of +10 mV/°C

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