Part # LMH6639 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6639 190MHz Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifier with Disable

Part Details:

LMH6639 December 2004 LMH6639 190MHz 190MHz Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifier with DisableGeneral Description Features The LMH6639 is a voltage feedback operational amplifier (V = 5V, Typical values unless specified) S Rail-to-Rail with a rail-to-rail output drive capability of 110mA. Employing n Supply current (no load) 3.6mA National s patented VIP10 process, the LMH6639 delivers a n Supply current (off mode) 400µA bandwidth of 190MHz at a current consumption of only n Output resistance (closed loop 1MHz) 0.186 3.6mA. An input common mode voltage range extending to n -3dB BW (A = 1) 190MHz 0.2V below the V- and to within 1V of V+, makes the V LMH6639 a true single supply op-amp. The output voltage n Settling time 33nsec range extends to within 30mV of either supply rail providing n Input common mode voltage -0.2V to 4V the user with a dynamic range that is especially desirable in n Output voltage swing 40mV from rails Output low voltage applications. n Linear output current 110mA The LMH6639 offers a slew rate of 172V/µs resulting in a full n Total harmonic distortion -60dBc power bandwidth of approximately 28MHz. The T value of ON n Fully characterized for 3V, 5V and ±5V 83nsec combined with a settling time of 33nsec makes this n No output phase reversal with CMVR exceeded device ideally suited for multiplexing applications. Careful n Excellent overdrive recovery Amplifier attention has been paid to ensure device stability under all n Off Isolation 1MHz -70dB operating voltages and modes. The result is a very well n Differential Gain

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