Part # 89C51CC02 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Atmel


Part Description: 89C51CC02 - Enhanced 8-bit MCU with CAN Controller and Flash

Part Details:

Features· Protocol ­ UART used as Physical Layer­ Based on the Intel Hex-type records­ Autobaud · In-System Programming ­ Read/Write Flash and EEPROM Memories­ Read Device ID­ Full-chip Erase­ Read/Write Configuration Bytes­ Security Setting From ISP Command CAN ­ Remote Application Start Command · In-Application Programming/Self Programming Microcontrollers ­ Read/Write Flash and EEPROM Memories­ Read Device ID­ Block Erase­ Read/write Configuration Bytes T89C51CC02 ­ Bootloader Start UART Description Bootloader This document describes the UART bootloader functionalities as well as the serialprotocol to efficiently perform operations on the on-chip memory. Additional informa-tion on the T89C51CC02 product can be found in the T89C51CC02 datasheet and theT89C51CC02 errata sheet available on the Atmel web site, The bootloader software Package (source code and binary) currently used for produc-tion is available from the Atmel web site. Bootloader Revision Purpose of Modifications Date Revisions 1.2.0 First release 03/12/2002 Revision 1.2.1 Standardization of tasks in source 19/03/2007 program. 4223C­CAN­03/08 Functional The T89C51CC02 Bootloader facilitates In-System Programming and In-Application Description Programming. In-System In-System Programming (ISP) allows the user to program or reprogram a microcontroller s on- Programming chip Flash memory without removing it from the system and without the need of a pre-pro- Capability grammed application. The UART bootloader can manage a communication with a host through the serial network. Itcan also access and perform requested operations on the on-chip Flash memory. In-Application In-Application Programming (IAP) allows the reprogramming of a microcontroller s on-chip Flash Programming or memory without removing it from the system and while the embedded application is running. Self Programming The UART bootloader contains some Application Programming Interface routines named APICapability routines allowing IAP by using the user s firmware. Block Diagram This section describes the different parts of the bootloader. The figure below shows the on-chipbootloader and IAP processes. Figure 1. Bootloader Process Description On chip External host via the User UART Protocol Application Communication IAP

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