Part # MAX3540 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX3540 DS

Part Details:

19-0848; Rev 2; 4/08 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Complete Single-Conversion Television Tuner MAX3540 General Description Features The MAX3540 complete single-conversion television Low Power Consumption: 760mW (typ) from a tuner is designed for use in analog/digital terrestrial appli- +3.3V Supply Voltage cations and digital set-top boxes. This television tunerdraws only 760mW of power from a +3.3V supply voltage. Integrated Tracking Filters The MAX3540 is designed to convert NTSC or ATSC sig- ATSC A/74 Compliant nals in the 54MHz to 860MHz band to a 44MHz interme- 40dB Adjacent Channel Protection Ratio (ACPR) diate frequency (IF). The MAX3540 includes a variable-gain low-noise ampli- 4.4dB (typ) Low Noise Figure fier (LNA), multiband tracking filters, a harmonic-rejec- Small, 7mm x 7mm, fcLGA Leadless Package tion mixer, a low-noise IF amplifier, an IF power detector,and a variable-gain IF amplifier. The MAX3540 also 256-QAM-Compatible Phase-Noise Performance includes fully monolithic VCOs and tank circuits as well IF Overload Detector Controls RF Variable-Gain as a complete frequency synthesizer. This highly inte- Amplifier grated design allows for low-power tuner-on-boardapplications without the cost and power-dissipation 2-Wire I2C-Compatible Serial Control Interface issues of dual-conversion tuner solutions. The MAX3540 is specified for operation in the 0°C to+85°C temperature range and is available in a leadless48-pin flip-chip (fcLGA) package. Ordering Information PART TEMP RANGE PIN-PACKAGE Applications MAX3540ULM+ 0°C to +85°C 48 LGA-EP* Televisions +Denotes a lead-free/RoHS-compliant package. Analog/Digital Terrestrial Receivers Digital Set-Top Boxes Cable Modems Pin Configuration VOIP Gateways ADDR2 ADDR1 XTALP XTALN V CC CP MUX V CC

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