Part # ADUC812 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADuC812 MicroConverter Multichannel 12-bit ADC with Embedded Flash MCU Data Sheet (REV. E)

Part Details:

a MicroConverter®, Multichannel 12-Bit ADC with Embedded Flash MCU ADuC812 FEATURES APPLICATIONS Analog I/O Intelligent Sensors Calibration and Conditioning 8-Channel, High Accuracy 12-Bit ADC Battery-Powered Systems (Portable PCs, Instruments, On-Chip, 100 ppm/ C Voltage Reference Monitors) High Speed 200 kSPS Transient Capture Systems DMA Controller for High Speed ADC-to-RAM Capture DAS and Communications Systems 2 12-Bit Voltage Output DACs Control Loop Monitors (Optical Networks/Base Stations) On-Chip Temperature Sensor Function Memory GENERAL DESCRIPTION 8K Bytes On-Chip Flash/EE Program Memory The ADuC812 is a fully integrated 12-bit data acquisition system 640 Bytes On-Chip Flash/EE Data Memory incorporating a high performance self-calibrating multichannel 256 Bytes On-Chip Data RAM ADC, dual DAC, and programmable 8-bit MCU (8051 instruc- 16M Bytes External Data Address Space tion set compatible) on a single chip. 64K Bytes External Program Address Space The programmable 8051 compatible core is supported by 8K 8051 Compatible Core bytes Flash/EE program memory, 640 bytes Flash/EE data 12 MHz Nominal Operation (16 MHz Max) memory, and 256 bytes data SRAM on-chip. 3 16-Bit Timer/Counters Additional MCU support functions include Watchdog Timer, High Current Drive Capability--Port 3 Power Supply Monitor, and ADC DMA functions. Thirty-two 9 Interrupt Sources, 2 Priority Levels programmable I/O lines, I2C compatible SPI and Standard Power UART Serial Port I/O are provided for multiprocessor interfaces Specified for 3 V and 5 V Operation and I/O expansion. Normal, Idle, and Power-Down Modes On-Chip Peripherals Normal, idle, and power-down operating modes for both the UART and SPI® Serial I/O MCU core and analog converters allow flexible power manage- 2-Wire (400 kHz I2C® Compatible) Serial I/O ment schemes suited to low power applications. The part is Watchdog Timer specified for 3 V and 5 V operation over the industrial tem- Power Supply Monitor

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ADUC812.pdf Datasheet