Part # 54LS368A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: 54LS368A DM54LS368A Hex TRI-STATE(RM) Inverting Buffers

Part Details:

54LS368ADM54LS368ADM74LS368A May 1989 54LS368A DM54LS368A DM74LS368AHex TRI-STATE Inverting Buffers General DescriptionThis device contains six independent gates each of which outputs will attempt to take a common bus to opposite logic performs an inverting buffer function The outputs have the levels the disable time is shorter than the enable time of the TRI-STATE feature When enabled the outputs exhibit the outputs low impedance characteristics of a standard LS output withadditional drive capability to permit the driving of bus lines Features without external resistors When disabled both the output Y Alternate Military Aerospace device (54LS368) is avail- transistors are turned off presenting a high-impedance state able Contact a National Semiconductor Sales Office to the bus line Thus the output will act neither as a signifi- Distributor for specifications cant load nor as a driver To minimize the possibility that two Connection Diagram Dual-In-Line Package Hex TRI-STATE Inverting TL F 6430 ­ 1 Order Number 54LS368ADMQB 54LS368AFMQB 54LS368ALMQB DM54LS368AJ DM54LS368AW DM74LS368AM or DM74LS368AN See NS Package Number E20A J16A M16A N16E or W16A Function Table Buffers Y e A Inputs Output A G Y L L H H L L X H Hi-Z H e High Logic Level L e Low Logic Level X e Either Low or High Logic Level Hi-Z e TRI-STATE (Outputs are disabled) TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL F 6430 RRD-B30M105 Printed in U S A

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