Part # AD7111 AD7111A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7111/AD7111A LC2MOS LOGDAC Logarithmic D/A Converter

Part Details:

a LC2MOS LOGDAC Logarithmic D/A Converter AD7111/AD7111A FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAMS Dynamic Range: 88.5 dB VDD VIN Resolution: 0.375 dBOn-Chip Data Latches RFB +5 V Operation AD7111 I AD7111A Pin Compatible with AD7524 OUT 17-BIT DAC Low Power AGND APPLICATIONSAudio Attenuators 17-BIT LATCH Sonar SystemsFunction GeneratorsDigitally Controlled AGC System DECODE LOGIC 8-BIT BUFFER CONTROL LOGIC GENERAL DESCRIPTIONThe LOGDAC® AD7111/AD7111A are monolithic multiplyingD/A converters featuring wide dynamic range in a small pack- DGND CS WR D0 ­ D7 age. Both DACs can attenuate an analog input signal over therange 0 dB to 88.5 dB in 0.375 dB steps. They are available in VDD VIN 16-pin DIPs and SOIC packages. The AD7111 is also availablein a 20-terminal LCCC package. RFB The degree of attenuation across the DAC is determined by an AD7111A I OUT 8-bit word applied to the onboard decode logic. This 8-bit word 17-BIT DAC is decoded into a 17-bit word which is then applied to a 17-bit AGND R-2R ladder. The very fine step resolution, which is availableover the entire dynamic range, is due to the use of this 17-bit 17-BIT LATCH DAC. The AD7111/AD7111A are easily interfaced to a standard 8-bitMPU bus via an 8-bit data port and standard microprocessor DECODE LOGIC control lines. The AD7111 WR input is edge triggered and re-quires a rising edge to load new data to the DAC. The AD7111A 8-BIT BUFFER CONTROL LOGIC WR is level triggered to allow transparent operation of thelatches, if required. It should also be noted that the AD7111A isexactly pin and function-compatible with the AD7524, an in- DGND CS WR D0 ­ D7

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