Part # 8xC5121 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Atmel


Part Description: 8xC5121 -8-bit MCU with Multi-protocol Smart Card Interface

Part Details:

Active T8xC5121 Errata List · ALE Disabled Toggles during Internal MOVX ­ High-pin Count Package Only · RB8 Lost with JBC on SCON · Port P3.3 Input is Not Functional in Some Configurations · Timer 1 in Mode 1 Does Not Generate Baud Rate to UART · Exit of Power-down in X2 Mode T8xC5121 Errata History 80C51 MCUs Lot Number Errata List 00525N 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 T83C5121 00540 and higher 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 T85C5121 T8xC5121 Errata Description T89C5121 1. ALE Disabled Toggles During Internal MOVX ­ High-pin Count Package Only When ALE is disabled, internal MOVX instruction shows toggle of ALE. Errata Sheet Workaround None. 2. RB8 Lost with JBC on SCON When using JBC instruction on any bit of SCON register, if RB8 bit is changedfrom 1 to 0 during JBC, the 0 is lost and RB8 kept 1 . Workaround The workaround is to clear RB8. In polling algorithm, the user must clear RB8 at the beginning of the code andafter each time it changes to 1 . In interrupt, RB8 must be cleared at the beginning of the code and after each timeit goes to 1 . 3. CLK Pad Floating Then CVCC = 0In Visa level1 validation, the electrical test of CLK levels fails: the level 0 mea-sured at -50 mV in the conditions 20°C, V = 5V, T < 1 mA or I = 54 mA CC CARD CC (TB710ba0 and TB710bb0). Workaround None. Rev. 4203C­SCR­02/04 4. DC/DC Not Functional when VCC = 3.3V or 5.24V The DC/DC power Supply does not operate at these exact V levels. In this case, the current overflow of the DC/DC

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