Part # 74ABT899 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: 74ABT899 9-Bit Latchable Transceiver with Parity Generator Checker

Part Details:

74AB November 1992 Revised January 1999 T899 9- 74ABT899 Bit 9-Bit Latchable Transceiver La with Parity Generator/Checker tchab General Description s Ability to simultaneously generate and check paritys May be used in systems applications in place of the le The ABT899 is a 9-bit to 9-bit parity transceiver with trans- 543 and 280 T parent latches. The device can operate as a feed-through s r transceiver or it can generate/check parity from the 8-bit May be used in system applications in place of the ansc data busses in either direction. 657 and 373 (no need to change T/R to check parity) The ABT899 features independent latch enables for the A- s Guaranteed output skew eiver to-B direction and the B-to-A direction, a select pin for s Guaranteed multiple output switching specifications ODD/EVEN parity, and separate error signal output pins for s Output switching specified for both 50 pF and checking parity. 250 pF loads wi s Guaranteed simultaneous switching noise level and Features dynamic threshold performance th s Latchable transceiver with output sink of 64 mA s Guaranteed latchup protection P s Option to select generate parity and check or s High impedance glitch free bus loading during entire ar "feed-through" data/parity in directions A-to-B or B-to-A power up and power down cycle it s y Independent latch enables for A-to-B and B-to-A s Nondestructive hot insertion capability directions G s Disable time less than enable time to avoid bus

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