Part # Brief STA3005 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Dual-IF AM FM digital radio receiver

Part Details:

STA3005 Dual-IF AM/FM digital radio receiver Data Brief Feature summary DIGITAL DIVERSITY SYSTEM DIGITAL DIRECTIONAL ANTENNA SYSTEM TWO 5-BIT INTERMEDIATE FREQUENCY ADCs INTERMEDIATE FREQUENCY PROCESSOR AUDIO FILTER PROCESSOR TQFP144 TWO 16-BIT STEREO AUDIO ADCs WITH INPUT AUDIO MULTIPLEXER Internal Peripheries: TWO 24-BIT STEREO AUDIO DACs WITH 5- ­ Direct Memory Access (DMA) BIT ANALOG VOLUME CONTROL ­ Asynchronous Serial Interface UART (SCI) RADIO DATA SYSTEM (RDS) PROCESSOR ­ Synchronous Serial Interfaces BSPI (SPI2) DSP-EMERALD SUBSYSTEM ­ 32 multifunctional bidirectional I/O lines (GPIO) 24-bit, fixed point, 116MIPS DSP-EMERALDcore ­ I2C interface ­ Watch Dog (WDOG) 16k x 32bit (64kByte) program ROM (PROM) ­ Wake-up Interrupt Management Unit 6k x 32bit (64kByte) program RAM (PRAM) (WUIMU) 6k x 24bit (18kByte) data XRAM ­ Timer (EFT) DIGITAL INPUT INTERFACES (SAI1-4, 6k x 24bit (18kByte) data YRAM SPDIF) ARM7 SUBSYSTEM DIGITAL OUTPUT INTERFACES (IBOC, 32-bit, fixed point, 58MIPS ARM7TDMI core DRM, SAI1-4) 14kByte data RAM ON-BOARD XTAL OSCILLATOR AND PLL 38kByte program RAM (PRAM) CLOCK REFERENCE GENERATION FOR FRONT_END IC 26kByte program ROM EXTERNAL CONTROL INTERFACES JTAG/ETM7 real-time debugging (JTAG/ETM7, I2C, SPI1, SPI2, SCI, GPIO) Order codes Part number Op. Temp. range, °C Package Packing STA3005 -40 to +85

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Brief STA3005.pdf Datasheet