Part # 74OL6001 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: 74OL6000, 74OL6001, 74OL6010, 74OL6011 Optoplanar

Part Details:

74OL6000, 74OL6001, 74OL6010, 74OL6011 Optoplanar November 2007 74OL6000, 74OL6001, 74OL6010, 74OL6011 tm Optoplanar® High-Speed Logic-to-Logic Optocouplers LSTTL to Description TTL Buffer 74OL6000 OPTOLOGICTM is the first family of truly logic compatible TTL Inverter 74OL6001 optically coupled logic interface gates. CMOS Buffer 74OL6010 The family consists of four device types offering LSTTL CMOS Inverter 74OL6011 to TTL and LSTTL to CMOS interfacing. Each of theseinterfacing functions is available as a buffer (A = B), or Features as an inverter (A = B). Industry first LSTTL to TTL and LSTTL to CMOS The LSTTL input compatibility is provided by an input complete logic-to-logic optocoupler integrated circuit, with industry standard logic levels.This input amplifier IC switches a temperature compen- Incorporates LED drive circuitry -- use as a logic gate sated current source driving a high speed 850nm Very high speed AlGaAs LED emitter. This novel integration scheme Choice of buffer or inverter eliminates CTR degradation over time and temperature. Choice of TTL or CMOS compatible output up to 15 The emitter is optically coupled to an integrated photode- volts tector/high-gain, high-speed output amplifier IC. The Fan-out of 10 TTL loads, fan-in 1 LSTTL load superior 15kV/µS common-mode noise rejection is Internal noise shield -- very high CMR of ±15kV/µS ensured through the use of an optically transparent ® UL recognized (File #E90700) noise shield. High-Speed Logic-to-Logic Optocoupler Same noise immunity as LSTTL/TTL. The TTL compatible output has a totem-pole with afan-out of 10. The CMOS compatible output has an open Applications collector Schottky-clamped transistor that interfaces to Transmission line interface -- receiver and driver any CMOS logic between 4.5 and 15 volts. The74OL6010/11 may also by used to drive power MOSFETs Excellent as bridged receiver in fast LAN highways or transistors up to 15 volts. Bus interface Logic family interface with ground loop noise The Optologic coupler family typically offers propagation

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