Part # FDC6326L datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FDC6326L Integrated Load Switch

Part Details:

August 1998 FDC6326LIntegrated Load Switch General Description Features This device is particularly suited for compact power V =0.20V @ V =12V, I =1.5A.R = 0.125 DROP IN L DS(ON) management in portable electronic equipment where 3V to V =0.20V @ V =5V, I =1A.R = 0.20 . DROP IN L DS(ON) 20V input and 1.8A output current capability are needed.This load switch integrates a small N-Channel power SuperSOTTM-6 package design using copper lead frame for MOSFET (Q1) which drives a large P-Channel power superior thermal and electrical capabilities. MOSFET (Q2) in one tiny SuperSOTTM-6 package. SOT-23 SuperSOTTM-6 SuperSOTTM-8 SO-8 SOIC-16 SOT-223 V i n , R 1 4 3 V o u t , C 1 E Q U I V A L E N T C I R C U I T .326 Q 2 V D R O P O N / O F F 2 V o u t , C 1 + 5 - I N O U T Q 1 R 1 , C 1 6 1 R 2

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FDC6326L.pdf Datasheet