Part # LM2984 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2984 Microprocessor Power Supply System

Part Details:

LM2984 April 1998 Microprocessor LM2984Microprocessor Power Supply System General Description Features The LM2984 positive voltage regulator features three inde- n Three low dropout tracking regulators pendent and tracking outputs capable of delivering the n Output current in excess of 500 mA power for logic circuits, peripheral sensors and standby n Fully specified for -40°C to +125°C operation memory in a typical microprocessor system. The LM2984 in- n Low quiescent current standby regulator cludes circuitry which monitors both its own high-current out- Power n Microprocessor malfunction RESET flag put and also an external µP. If any error conditions are n Delayed RESET on power-up sensed in either, a reset error flag is set and maintained untilthe malfunction terminates. Since these functions are in- n Accurate pretrimmed 5V outputs cluded in the same package with the three regulators, a n Reverse battery protection great saving in board space can be realized in the typical mi- n Overvoltage protection Supply croprocessor system. The LM2984 also features very low n Reverse transient protection dropout voltages on each of its three regulator outputs (0.6V n Short circuit protection at the rated output current). Furthermore, the quiescent cur- n Internal thermal overload protection rent can be reduced to 1 mA in the standby mode. n ON/OFF switch for high current outputs Designed also for vehicular applications, the LM2984 and all n P+ Product Enhancement tested System regulated circuitry are protected from reverse battery instal-lations or 2-battery jumps. Familiar regulator features suchas short circuit and thermal overload protection are also pro-vided. Fixed outputs of 5V are available in the plastic TO-220power package. Typical Application Circuit DS011252-1 COUT must be at least 10 µF to maintain stability. May be increased without bound to maintain regulation during transients. Locate as close as possible to the regulator. This capacitor must be rated over the same operating temperature range as the regulator. The equivalent series resistance (ESR) of thiscapacitor is critical; see curve. Order Number LM2984T See NS Package Number TA11B © 1998 National Semiconductor Corporation DS011252 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 2) Operating Temperature Range (T ) -40°C to +125°C A If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, Maximum Junction Temperature please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/

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