Part # Brief RVDK datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: ARM RealView Developer Kit (RVDK) for STR7 and STR9

Part Details:

RVDK ARM RealViewTM Developer Kit (RVDK) for ST Development environment for STR7 and STR9 microcontrollers Data Brief The RealViewTM Developer Kit for ST is a complete development and debugging environment for designing applications for the STR7 and STR9 families of ARMTM core-based microcontrollers. The kit is comprised of C compilation tools, debugging software and the RealView ICE Micro Edition (RVICE-ME) JTAG run control device. While the RealView Developer Kit is tailored to work with ST products, it provides the same compiler optimizations and debugging features as the ARM RealViewTM Developer Suite (RDS). Features The RealView Developer Kit includes: RealView ICE-ME (RVICE-ME) ­ the ARM in-circuit debugger and programmer, featuring USB host interface and industry standard JTAG interface to the application board. capability, please refer to the data brief for either RealView Debugger ­ ARM s powerful, the IAR Advanced Developer s Kit for STR91xF debugging interface that provides a complete (STR91X-DK/IAR), or the Raisonance range of run control and breakpoint features. Professional Developer Kit for STR9 (STR9- RealView C Compilation Tools (RVCT) ­ ARM DK/RAIS). C compiler, macro assembler and linker offering a range of optimizations for code size or speed of Ordering information execution. An optional C++ extension is available. Several ordering options are available for RVDK, RVDK for ST does not include tools with trace which are summarized in the table below. capability to take advantage of the STR9 s Additional ordering codes for compiler and license Embedded Trace MacrocellTM. For information extensions, as well as for upgrades of previous about tool kits that support the STR9 trace versions to support STR9 are provided in the product selector at C compiler (with full Optimum JTAG 45-day limited Order codes Debugger RVICE-ME2 optimization)1 download license STR79-RVDK Yes Yes Yes No Yes STRx-RVDK/BAS5 No3 Yes No4 No Yes STR-RVICE/ME Yes Yes Yes Yes

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