Part # LM2698 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2698 SIMPLE SWITCHER® 1.35A Boost Regulator

Part Details:

LM2698 March 2005 SIMPLE LM2698SIMPLE SWITCHER® 1.35A Boost RegulatorGeneral Description Features SWITCHER The LM2698 is a general purpose PWM boost converter. n 1.9A, 0.2, internal switch (typical) The 1.9A, 18V, 0.2ohm internal switch enables the LM2698 n Operating voltage as low as 2.2V to provide efficient power conversion to outputs ranging from n 600kHz/1.25MHz adjustable frequency operation 2.2V to 17V. It can operate with input voltages as low as 2.2V n Switchers Made Simple® software and as high as 12V. Current-mode architecture provides n 8-Lead MSOP package superior line and load regulation and simple frequency com-pensation over the device s 2.2V to 12V input voltage range. Applications The LM2698 sets the standard in power density and is ® capable of supplying 12V at 400mA from a 5V input. The n 3.3V to 5V, 5V to 12V conversion 1.35A LM2698 can also be used in flyback or SEPIC topologies. n Distributed Power The LM2698 SIMPLE SWITCHER® features a pin selectable n Set-Top Boxes switching frequency of either 600kHz or 1.25MHz. This pro- n DSL Modems motes flexibility in component selection and filtering tech- n Diagnostic Medical Instrumentation Boost niques. A shutdown pin is available to suspend the device n Boost Converters and decrease the quiescent current to 5µA. An external n Flyback Converters compensation pin gives the user flexibility in setting fre- n SEPIC Converters quency compensation, which makes possible the use ofsmall, low ESR ceramic capacitors at the output. Switchers Regulator Made Simple® software is available to insure a quick, easyand guaranteed design. The LM2698 is available in a lowprofile 8-lead MSOP package. Typical Application Circuit 20012658 SIMPLE SWITCHER® is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation. © 2005 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200126 Connection Diagram LM2698 Top View 20012604 8-Lead Plastic MSOP NS Package Number MUA08A Ordering Information

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