Part # MAX3845 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX3845 DS

Part Details:

19-0798; Rev 0; 4/07 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE DVI/HDMI 2:4 TMDS Fanout Switch and Cable Driver MAX3845 General Description Features The MAX3845 is a TMDS® 2-to-4 fanout switch and o Two DVI/HDMI TMDS-Compatible Inputs and Four cable driver for multimonitor distribution of DVITM or DVI/HDMI TMDS-Compatible Outputs HDMITM signaling up to 1.65Gbps. Both inputs and out-puts are standard TMDS signaling as per DVI and HDMI o Save Power by Turning Off Unused Outputs standards. Because TMDS links are "point-to-point," o Each Output Independently Selects Input 1 or buffering is required for fanout applications. Input 2 Four DVI/HDMI TMDS outputs are provided for fanout o Three Preemphasis Settings Extend Cable Reach distribution. Each TMDS output can be independently Up to 7m sourced from either input or can be turned off. EachTMDS input or output is composed of four differential o Operation Up to 1.65Gbps channels that can be arbitrarily assigned to the three o 14mm x 14mm, 100-Pin TQFP Package with data signals and the 1/10th-rate clock. The data ratedepends on resolution, but it can vary from 250Mbps Exposed Paddle for Heat Sinking (VGA) to 1.65Gbps (UXGA or 1080p/60). o 3.3V Power Supply Typical applications include multiroom display of the o TMDS Data (x3) and Clock (x1) Can Be Arbitrarily same video source or industrial/commercial signage Assigned to the Four Identical Switched Paths (A, applications such as airport monitors or trading room B, C, and D) floor displays. The MAX3845 includes selectable outputpreemphasis that extends output cable reach up to anadditional 7m. For DDC switching, use the companion MAX4814E 2:4 Ordering Information low-resistance CMOS crosspoint switch. DDC switchingis not required for applications that connect DDC to one PKG PART TEMP RANGE PIN-PACKAGE reference monitor only. CODE The MAX3845 can be configured to create a 2 x 8 or MAX3845UCQ+ -10°C to +85°C 100 TQFP-EP C100E-3 4 x 4 switch (see the Typical Operating Circuit diagrams). +Denotes a lead-free package. The MAX3845 is available in a 14mm × 14mm, 100-pin EP = Exposed pad. TQFP-EP package and operates over the -10°C to+85°C temperature range. Applications Typical Operating Circuit Digital Signage and Industrial Display

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