Part # MAX4747-MAX4750 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX4747-50 DS

Part Details:

19-2646; Rev 2; 12/06 50, Low-Voltage, Quad SPST/Dual SPDT Analog Switches in UCSP MAX4747­MAX4750 General Description Features The MAX4747­MAX4750 low-voltage, quad single-pole 2mm 2mm UCSP single-throw (SPST)/dual single-pole/double-throw Guaranteed On-Resistance (RON) (SPDT) analog switches operate from a single +2V to 25 (max) at +5V +11V supply and handle rail-to-rail analog signals. 50 (max) at +3V These switches exhibit low leakage current (0.1nA) and On-Resistance Matching consume less than 0.5nW (typ) of quiescent power, 3 (max) at +5V making them ideal for battery-powered applications. 3.5 (max) at +3V When powered from a +3V supply, these switches fea- Guaranteed < 0.1nA Leakage Current at ture 50 (max) on-resistance (RON), with 3.5 (max) TA = +25°C matching between channels and 9 (max) flatness Single-Supply Operation from +2.0V to +11V over the specified signal range. TTL/CMOS-Logic Compatible The MAX4747 has four normally open (NO) switches, the -84dB Crosstalk (1MHz) MAX4748 has four normally closed (NC) switches, and -72dB Off-Isolation (1MHz) the MAX4749 has two NO and two NC switches. TheMAX4750 has two SPDT switches. These switches are Low Power Consumption: 0.5nW (typ) available in 14-pin TSSOP, 16-pin thin QFN (4mm x Rail-to-Rail Signal Handling 4mm), and 16-bump chip-scale packages (UCSPTM). Thistiny chip-scale package occupies a 2mm 2mm area Ordering Information and significantly reduces the required PC board area. TEMP PIN-/BUMP- TOP Applications PART RANGE PACKAGE MARK Battery-Powered Systems MAX4747EUD -40°C to +85°C 14 TSSOP -- Audio/Video-Signal Routing MAX4747ETE -40°C to +85°C

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