Part # STLC30R81 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

STLC30R81 INTEGRATED RINGING SLIC FOR SHORT LOOP APPLICATIONS MONOCHIP SLIC SUITABLE FOR SHORT LOOP APPLICATIONS 3.3V SUPPLY IMPLEMENTS ALL KEY FEATURES OF THE BORSHT FUNCTION DIFFERENTIAL OR SINGLE-ENDED Rx INPUTS TQFP44 (10 x 10) with slug INTEGRATED TRAPEZOIDAL WAVEFORM RINGING plus SINUSOIDAL and PWM ORDERING NUMBER: STLC30R81 WAVEFORM RINGING CAPABILITY TWO SELECTABLE PATH FOR SINUSOIDAL RING INJECTION functions (phone detection, loop-back, short circuit SOFT BATTERY REVERSAL WITH detection) are integrated in this device. It provides PROGRAMMABLE TRANSITION TIME three ringing modes: Sinusoidal, Trapezoidal and ON HOOK TRANSMISSION PWM waveform. LOW POWER DISSIPATION IN ALL In sinusoidal ringing modes, depending on the CO- OPERATING MODES DEC s functionalities and characteristics Rxin+/Rxin- AUTOMATIC DUAL BATTERY OPERATION or Rg+/Rg- paths can be selected. When CODEC LOOP START, GROUND START FEATURES can manage low frequency signals Rxin+/ Rxin- will SURFACE MOUNT PACKAGE be used. -40 TO +85°C OPERATING RANGE This device can also limit the peak current during On- TEST FUNCTION Hook/Off-Hook transition and Ring-trip detection. NO EXTERNAL COMPONENTS FOR POWER The device is based on BCD3S 90V technology and DISSIPATION it can work at 3.3V power supply. The TQFP44 Package with SLUG increases the DESCRIPTION SLIC performance in terms of power dissipation mak- The STLC30R81 is a low voltage SLIC suitable for ing unnecessary the use of any external power com- short loop applications. All the BORSHT and test ponents. BLOCK DIAGRAM DET GDK/AL CRT LINE STATUS D0 ILT

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