Part # 4000 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Xilinx


Part Description: Xilinx XC4000E and XC4000X Series FPGA data sheet functional description

Part Details:

0 R XC4000E and XC4000X Series FieldProgrammable Gate Arrays May 14, 1999 (Version 1.6) 0 0* Product Specification XC4000E and XC4000X Series Low-Voltage Versions Available Features · Low-Voltage Devices Function at 3.0 - 3.6 Volts Note: Information in this data sheet covers the XC4000E, · XC4000XL: High Performance Low-Voltage Versions of XC4000EX, and XC4000XL families. A separate data sheet XC4000EX devices covers the XC4000XLA and XC4000XV families. Electrical Additional XC4000X Series Features Specifications and package/pin information are covered inseparate sections for each family to make the information · High Performance -- 3.3 V XC4000XL easier to access, review, and print. For access to these sec- · High Capacity -- Over 180,000 Usable Gates tions, see the Xilinx web site at · 5 V tolerant I/Os on XC4000XL · 0.35 µm SRAM process for XC4000XL · Additional Routing Over XC4000E · System featured Field-Programmable Gate Arrays - almost twice the routing capacity for high-density - SelectRAMTM memory: on-chip ultra-fast RAM with designs - synchronous write option · Buffered Interconnect for Maximum Speed Blocks - dual-port RAM option · Improved VersaRingTM I/O Interconnect for Better Fixed - Fully PCI compliant (speed grades -2 and faster) Pinout Flexibility 6 - Abundant flip-flops ·

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4000.pdf Datasheet