Part # Data Brief ST19XS04 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Smartcard MCU With 4 Kbytes EEPROM

Part Details:

ST19XS04 Smartcard MCU With 4 Kbytes EEPROM DATA BRIEF PRODUCT FEATURES I FIPS 140-2 COMPLIANT RANDOM NUMBER I ENHANCED 8 BIT CPU WITH EXTENDED GENERATOR WITH TWO GUN REGISTERS ADDRESSING MODES (Generators of Unpredictable Number) I 48 KBYTES USER ROM WITH PARTITIONING I 2.7 V TO 5.5 V SUPPLY VOLTAGE WITH 10MHz INTERNAL OPERATING FREQUENCY I 1.5 KBYTES USER RAM WITH PARTITIONING I UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER ON EACH DIE I 4 KBYTES USER EEPROM WITH I POWER SAVING STANDBY MODE PARTITIONING plus 128 BYTES USER and ST I CONTACT ASSIGNMENT COMPATIBLE ISO OTP AREA: 7816-2 ­ Highly reliable CMOS EEPROM submicron I SERIAL ACCESS I/O, ISO 7816-3 technology COMPATIBLE ­ Error Correction Code for single bit fail I ESD PROTECTION GREATER THAN 5000 V correction within a byte ­ 10 year data retention Figure 1. Delivery Form ­ 500,000 Erase/Write cycles endurance­ 1 to 32 bytes Erase or Program in 2 ms I SECURITY FIREWALLS FOR MEMORIES, and DES ACCELERATOR. I VERY HIGH SECURITY FEATURES INCLUDING EEPROM FLASH PROGRAMMING AND CLOCK MANAGEMENT. I 2x8 BIT TIMERS WITH INTERRUPT Micromodule Wafer CAPABILITY I HARDWARE DES ACCELERATOR WITH LIBRARY SUPPORT FOR SYMMETRICAL Function Speed (1) ALGORITHMS: Triple DES (with keys loaded) 24 µs ­ DES, triple DES, DESX computations and CBC chaining mode... Single DES (with keys loaded) 15 µs I ISO 3309 CRC CALCULATION BLOCK (1) Typical values, independent from external clock frequency andsupply voltage. Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s)

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