Part # 54LS158 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: 54LS157 DM54LS157 54LS158 DM54LS158 Quad 2-Line to 1-Line Data Selectors Multiplexers

Part Details:

Quad 54LS157DM54LS157DM74LS157 June 1989 2-Line 54LS157 DM54LS157 DM74LS15754LS158 DM54LS158 DM74LS158 to Quad 2-Line to 1-Line Data Selectors Multiplexers 1-Line General Description Features These data selectors multiplexers contain inverters and Y Buffered inputs and outputs drivers to supply full on-chip data selection to the four out- Y Typical Propagation Time Data put gates A separate strobe input is provided A 4-bit word LS157 9 ns is selected from one of two sources and is routed to the four LS158 7 ns outputs The LS157 presents true data whereas the LS158 Y Typical Power Dissipation presents inverted data to minimize propagation delay time LS157 49 mW SelectorsMultiplexers LS158 24 mW Applications Y Alternate Military Aerospace device (54LS157 Y Expand any data input point 54LS158) is available Contact a National Semiconduc- Y Multiplex dual data buses tor Sales Office Distributor for specifications Y Generate four functions of two variables (one variableis common) 54LS158DM54LS158DM74LS158 Y Source programmable counters Connection Diagrams Dual-In-Line Package Dual-In-Line Package TL F 6396 ­ 1 TL F 6396 ­ 2 Order Number 54LS157DMQB 54LS157FMQB

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54LS158.pdf Datasheet