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AN2060 APPLICATION NOTE STUSB02E USB TRANSCEIVER 1.0 POWER SUPPLY CONFIGURATIONS The STUSB02E has two external supplies. The first is the VIF, which is the supply for the I/O pinsconnected to the base band processor or the controller. The second is the VBUS, which is the powersupply provided by the USB bus. Both the VBUS and VIF have special thresholds that detect when theyare either removed or grounded. The STUSB02E has an internal regulator that provides a 3.3V referencevoltage on its VTRM output. Different combinations of these supplies yield different device behaviours.Application engineers must consider the different power supply configurations as depicted in Table 1. There is no specific requirement for power supply sequencing of each of the power supplies ofSTUSB02E. They may come up or go down in any order. Table 1: Power Supply Configurations VBUS/VTRM VIF MODE Output state NOTES Connected Connected Normal mode As specified in the VTRM supplies 3.3V voltage for powering datasheet the speed selection pull-up resistor via theVPU pin depending upon the state of theCON pin. NOTE: Maximum power con-sumption by VIF in normal mode (transmitor receive) is 5uA (without pull-up resistoron VP,VM, RCV pins) Open Connected Sharing mode VP and VM are high With OE# low and SUS high, data lines may(D+/D- shar- outputs. RCV is low. be driven by external devices up to ing) 3.6V.This mode is entered when the cable isunplugged, or when the cable is broken,thus having the D+, D- signals appliedexternally while the VBUS is open. Ground Connected Disconnect VP and VM are high This mode occurs when the host device mode outputs. RCV is low. (PC) is turned off while the USB cable is stillSharing is not plugged. allowed. Connected Open Disable mode Logic controlled I/O This mode occurs when the battery ispins are high imped- removed. In that case no power supply isance. present on the board. Minimal current isdrawn through the VIF if the inputs arepulled high to an external source. Connected Ground Inactive The device goes in suspend mode.This Mode mode systematically occurs when theterminal is in off mode. VIF is pulled down toGND. This mode is actually prohibited. October 2004 1/9 AN2060 - APPLICATION NOTE 1.1 Alternate Power Supply Configurations 1.1.1 3.3V I/O Interface For a system with a 3.3V USB controller, an alternate solution is shown in Figure 1. The load on VTRMmust not exceed the internal regulator current capability. No extra components are required. Figure 1: 3.3V I/O System Interface 3.3V VDD VIF

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