Part # Brief L6716 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 2 3 4 phase controller with embedded drivers for Intel VR11.1

Part Details:

L6716 2/3/4 phase controller with embedded drivers for Intel VR11.1 Data Brief Features Load transient boost LTB TechnologyTM to minimize the number of output capacitors 2 or 3-phase operation with internal driver 4-phase operation with external PWM driver signal PSI input with programmable strategy VFQFPN48 7 mm x 7 mm (exposed pad) Imon output 0.5 % output voltage accuracy Description 8 bit programmable output up to 1.60000 V - Intel VR11.1 DAC - backward compatible with The device implements a two-to-four phases step- VR10/VR11 down controller with three integrated high current Full differential current sense across inductor drivers in a compact 7x7 mm body package with exposed pad. Differential remote voltage sensing Adjustable voltage offset Load transient boost LTB TechnologyTM reduces system cost by providing the fastest response to LSLess startup to manage pre-biased output load transition therefore requiring less bulk and Feedback disconnection protection ceramic output capacitors to satisfy load transient Preliminary over voltage protection requirements. Programmable over current protection The device embeds VR11.x DACs: the output voltage ranges up to 1.60000 V managing D-VID Programmable over voltage pretection with ± 0.5 % output voltage accuracy over line Adjustable switching frequency and temperature variations. SS_END and OUTEN signal The controller assures fast protection against load VFQFPN48 7 mm x 7 mm package with over current and under / over voltage (in this last exposed pad case also before UVLO). Feedback disconnection prevents from damaging the load in case of Applications disconnections in the system board. In case of over-current, the system works in High current VRM/VRD for desktop / server / constant current mode until UVP. workstation CPUs High density DC-DC converters Table 1. Device summary Order codes Package Packaging

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