Part # LM91 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM91 Diode Input Digital Temperature Sensor with Two-Wire Interface

Part Details:

LM91 November 2001 Diode LM91Diode Input Digital Temperature Sensor with Two-Wire Input InterfaceGeneral Description Digital n Register readback capability n 7 bit plus sign temperature data format The LM91 is a remote diode temperature sensor, Delta-Sigma analog-to-digital converter, and digital n 2 address select lines enable 9 LM91s to be connected to a single bus over-temperature detector with an SMBusTM interface. TheLM91 senses its own temperature as well as the tempera- T ture of a target IC with a diode junction, such as a Pentium® Key Specifications emperature II processor or a diode connected 2N3904. A diode junction j Supply Voltage 3.0V - 3.6V (semiconductor junction) is required on the target IC s die. Ahost can query the LM91 at any time to read the temperature j Supply Current 1 mA (max) of this diode as well as the temperature state of the LM91 j Local Temperature Accuracy ±1.0°C (typ) itself. A T_CRIT_A interrupt output becomes active when the j Remote Diode Temperature Accuracy temperature is greater than a programmable comparatorlimit, T_CRIT. +60°C to +100°C ±4°C (max) The host can program as well as read back the state of the 0°C to +125°C ±6°C (max) Sensor T_CRIT register. Power up default values for T_CRIT are asshown in the ordering information table. Three state logic Applications inputs allow two pins (ADD0, ADD1) to select up to 9 SMBusaddress locations for the LM91. n System Thermal Management n Personal Computers Features with n Electronic Test Equipment

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