Part # TDA7513T datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Single-chip FM/AM tuner with stereo decoder and audio processor

Part Details:

TDA7513T Single chip FM/AM tuner with stereo decoder and audio processor Features AM/FM tuner for car radio Integrated tuning PLL Variable bandwith FM IF filter (ISS) Fully integrated FM stereo decoder fully integrated FM noise blanker Highly integrated audio processor Description LQFP80 The TDA7513T is the first device for car-radio applications that combines full RF front end functions with audio-processing capabilities. As far as FM and AM functions are concerned , and treble), balance and fading control to drive the TDA7513T features front end processing, four output channels. A soft mute function and an including the digital tuning PLL, IF processing RDS mute function are included to handle source with demodulation and variable bandwidth IF change as well as RDS AF search without abrupt filtering (ISS), stop station and quality detection changes in the audio level. functions, FM stereo decoding by means of a fully Most of the parameters in the front-end section integrated, adjustment free, dedicated PLL and, are I2C bus-driven and therefore under the control finally, FM noise blanking. The FM stereo decoder of the car radio maker. The I2C bus allows and noise blanker functions are realized entirely furthermore the user to realize the full electric without external components. alignment of all the external coils, therefore The audio processor section comprises input removing the need for hand-made or mechanical selectors for two quasi-differential external adjustments. sources, volume control, tone control (bass, mid Table 1. Device summary Part number Package Packing TDA7513T LQFP80 Tray E-TDA7513T LQFP80 Tray April 2007 Rev 2 1/84 1

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