Part # ADV7129 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADV7129 192-Bit 360 MHz True-Color Video DAC with Onboard PLL

Part Details:

192-Bit, 360 MHz True-Color a Video DAC with Onboard PLL ADV7129 FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION 192-Bit Pixel Port Allows 2048 2048 24 Screen The ADV7129 is a complete analog output, video DAC on a single Resolution CMOS (ADV®) monolithic chip. The part is specifically designed 360 MHz, 24-Bit True-Color Operation for use in the highest resolution graphics and imaging systems. Triple 8-Bit D/A Converters The ultimate level of integration, comprised of 360 MHz triple 8:1 Multiplexing 8-bit DACs, a programmable pixel port, an internal voltage refer- Onboard PLL ence and an onboard PLL, makes the ADV7129 the only choice RS-343A/RS-170 Compatible Analog Outputs for the very highest level of performance and functionality. TTL Compatible Digital Inputs The device consists of three high speed, 8-bit, video D/A con- Internal Voltage Reference verters (RGB). An onboard phase locked loop clock generator Standard 8-Bit MPU I/O Interface is provided to provide high speed operation without requiring DAC-DAC Matching: Typ 2%, Adjustable to 0.02% high speed external crystal or clock circuitry. +5 V CMOS Monolithic Construction304-Pin PQFP Package The part is fully controlled through the MPU port by the on-board command registers. This MPU port may be updated at APPLICATIONS any time without causing sparkle effects on the screen. Ultrahigh Resolution Color Graphics ADV is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc. Image ProcessingDrives 24-Bit Color 2K 2K Monitors (continued on page 10) FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM VAA VSYNC BLANK HSYNC AND SYNC SENSE/SYNCOUT CSYNC LOGIC BLANK ODD/EVEN 24 8 IOR RED A DAC IOR 24

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