Part # MAX9736-MAX9736B datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9736 DS

Part Details:

19-3108; Rev 0; 1/08 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Mono/Stereo High-Power Class D Amplifier MAX9736 General Description Features The MAX9736A/B Class D amplifiers provide high-per- Wide 8V to 28V Supply Voltage Range formance, thermally efficient amplifier solutions. The Spread-Spectrum Modulation Enables Low EMI MAX9736A delivers 2 x 15W into 8 loads, or 1 x 30W Solution into a 4 load. The MAX9736B delivers 2 x 6W into 8 Passes CE EMI Limits with Low-Cost Ferrite loads or 1 x 12W into a 4 load. These devices are pin- Bead/Capacitor Filter for-pin compatible, allowing a single audio design to Low BOM Cost, Pin-for-Pin Compatible Family work across a broad range of platforms, simplifying High 67dB PSRR at 1kHz Reduces Supply Cost design efforts, and reducing PCB inventory. 88% Efficiency Eliminates Heatsink Both devices operate from 8V to 28V and provide a Thermal and Output Current Protection high 80dB PSRR, eliminating the need for a regulated < 1µA Shutdown Mode power supply. The MAX9736 offers up to 88% efficien- Mute Function cy at 12V supply. Space-Saving, 7mm x 7mm x 0.8mm, 32-Pin TQFN Pin-selectable modulation schemes select between fil- Package terless modulation and classic PWM modulation. Applications Filterless modulation allows the MAX9736 to pass CEEMI limits with 1m cables using only a low-cost ferrite LCD/PDP/CRT Monitors Notebook PCs bead and capacitor on each output. Classic PWM mod- LCD/PDP/CRT TVs PC Speakers ulation is optimized for best audio performance when MP3 Docking Stations All-in-One PCs using a full LC filter. Ordering Information A pin-selectable stereo/mono mode allows stereo oper-ation into 8 loads or mono operation into 4 loads. In STEREO/MONO PIN- PKG mono mode, the right input op amp becomes available PART OUTPUT POWER PACKAGE CODE as a spare device, allowing flexibility in system design.

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MAX9736-MAX9736B.pdf Datasheet