Part # LMX5452 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMX5452 Micro-Module Integrated Bluetooth® 1.2 Baseband Controller and Radio

Part Details:

LMX5452 February 2006 LMX5452 Micro-Module Micro-Module Integrated Bluetooth® 1.2 BasebandController and Radio1.0 General Description 3.0 Features The LMX5452 is a highly integrated Bluetooth 1.2 compliant n Compliant with the Bluetooth 1.2 Core Specification solution. The integrated baseband controller and 2.4 GHz n -80 dBm receiver sensitivity (typical) radio combine to form a complete, small form-factor (6.1 mm n Class 2 operation Integrated x 9.1 mm x 1.2 mm) Bluetooth node. n Low power consumption: The baseband controller has a standard Host Controller -- Advanced power management features Interface (HCI). Based on the National Semiconductor Com- -- Clocking option 12/13 MHz with PLL bypass mode for pactRISCTM 16-bit processor, the LMX5452 is optimized to power reduction handle the audio, data, and link management processing n High integration: requirements of a Bluetooth node. -- Implemented in 0.18 µm CMOS technology The on-chip memory, ROM, and Patch RAM provide lowest -- RF includes on-chip antenna filter and switch Bluetooth cost and minimize design risk with the flexibility of firmware -- On-chip firmware with complete HCI upgrades. n Embedded ROM and Patch RAM memory The firmware supplied in the on-chip ROM supports a com- n Up to seven Asynchronous Connection Less (ACL) links plete Bluetooth Link Manager and HCI with communication n Support for two simultaneous voice or Synchronous through a UART or USB interface. This firmware features Connection Oriented (SCO) links point-to-point and point-to-multipoint link management, sup- n Accepts10-20 MHz external clock or crystal network porting data rates up to 723 kbps. n Fractional-N Sigma/Delta modulator 1.2 The radio employs an integrated antenna filter and switch to n Operating voltage range 2.5­3.6V minimize the number of external components. n I/O voltage range 1.6­3.6V Baseband The radio has a heterodyne receiver architecture with a low n 60-pad micro-module BGA package (6.1 mm x 9.1 mm x intermediate frequency (IF), which enables the IF filters to be 1.2 mm) integrated on-chip. The

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