Part # AD7390 AD7391 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7390/91 DS

Part Details:

a 3 V Serial-Input Micropower 10-Bit and 12-Bit DACs AD7390/AD7391 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Micropower--100 ASingle-Supply--2.7 V to 5.5 V Operation AD7390 VDD Compact 1.75 mm Height SO-8 Package REF 12-BIT DAC VOUT and 1.1 mm Height TSSOP-8 Package 12 AD7390--12-Bit Resolution CLR AD7391--10-Bit Resolution DAC REGISTER GND LD SPI and QSPI Serial Interface Compatible with Schmitt EN 12 Trigger Inputs CLK SERIAL REGISTER SDI APPLICATIONSAutomotive 0.5 V to 4.5 V Output Span VoltagePortable CommunicationsDigitally Controlled Calibration GENERAL DESCRIPTION in (SDI), clock (CLK) and load strobe (LD) pins. Addition- The AD7390/AD7391 family of 10-bit and 12-bit voltage- ally, a CLR input sets the output to zero scale at power on or output digital-to-analog converters is designed to operate upon user demand. from a single 3 V supply. Built using a CBCMOS process, Both parts are offered in the same pinout to allow users to select these monolithic DACs offer the user low cost, and ease-of-use the amount of resolution appropriate for their application without in single-supply 3 V systems. Operation is guaranteed over the circuit card redesign. supply voltage range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V consuming less than 100 µAmaking this device ideal for battery operated applications. The AD7390/AD7391 are specified over the extended industrial( 40°C to 85°C) temperature range. The AD7391AR is The full-scale voltage output is determined by the external specified for the 40°C to 125°C automotive temperature reference input voltage applied. The rail-to-rail REFIN to range. The AD7390/AD7391s are available in plastic DIP, and DACOUT allows for a full-scale voltage set equal to the positive low profile 1.75 mm height SO-8 surface mount packages. The supply VDD or any value in between. AD7391ARU is available for ultracompact applications in a thin A doubled-buffered serial-data interface offers high-speed, 1.1 mm TSSOP-8 package. 3-wire, SPI and microcontroller compatible inputs using data 1.00

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