Part # LM201A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM101A LM201A LM301A Operational Amplifiers

Part Details:

LM101A/LM201A/LM301A August 2000 LM101A/LM201A/LM301AOperational AmplifiersGeneral Description and output, no latch-up when the common mode range isexceeded, and freedom from oscillations and compensa- The LM101A series are general purpose operational ampli- tion with a single 30 pF capacitor. It has advantages over fiers which feature improved performance over industry stan- internally compensated amplifiers in that the frequency dards like the LM709. Advanced processing techniques compensation can be tailored to the particular applica- make possible an order of magnitude reduction in input tion. For example, in low frequency circuits it can be currents, and a redesign of the biasing circuitry reduces the overcompensated for increased stability margin. Or the temperature drift of input current. Improved specifications compensation can be optimized to give more than a Operational include: factor of ten improvement in high frequency performance · Offset voltage 3 mV maximum over temperature for most applications. (LM101A/LM201A) In addition, the device provides better accuracy and · Input current 100 nA maximum over temperature lower noise in high impedance circuitry. The low input (LM101A/LM201A) currents also make it particularly well suited for long · Offset current 20 nA maximum over temperature interval integrators or timers, sample and hold circuits (LM101A/LM201A) and low frequency waveform generators. Further, replac-ing circuits where matched transistor pairs buffer the · Guaranteed drift characteristics Amplifiers inputs of conventional IC op amps, it can give lower offset · Offsets guaranteed over entire common mode and sup- voltage and a drift at a lower cost. ply voltage ranges The LM101A is guaranteed over a temperature range of · Slew rate of 10V/µs as a summing amplifier -55°C to +125°C, the LM201A from -25°C to +85°C, and This amplifier offers many features which make its appli- the LM301A from 0°C to +70°C. cation nearly foolproof: overload protection on the input Fast AC/DC Converter 00775233 Note 1: Feedforward compensation can be used to make a fast full wave rectifier without a filter. © 2004 National Semiconductor Corporation DS007752

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