Part # TDA7442 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Tone control and surround digitally controlled audio processor

Part Details:

TDA7442 TDA7442D TONE CONTROL AND SURROUND DIGITALLY CONTROLLED AUDIO PROCESSOR 1 FEATURES Figure 1. Packages 4 STEREO INPUTS INPUT ATTENUATION CONTROL IN 0.5dB STEP TREBLE AND BASS CONTROL SO-28 SDIP-32 TWO SURROUND MODE AVAILABLE WITH 4 SELECTABLE RESPONSES:­ MUSIC Table 1. Order Codes ­ SIMULATED STEREO Part Number Package TWO SPEAKER ATTENUATORS: TDA7442 SDIP-32 ­ 2 INDEPENDENT SPEAKER CONTROLS IN TDA7442D SO-28 1dB STEPS FOR BALANCE FACILITY TDA7442D013TR Tape & Reel ­ INDEPENDENT MUTE FUNCTION ALL FUNCTIONS PROGRAMMABLE VIA SERIAL BUS mable phase shifter. Control of all the functions is 2 MONITOR OUTPUT (ONLY FOR TDA7442) accomplished by serial bus. 2 DESCRIPTION The AC signal setting is obtained by resistor net-works and switches combined with operational The TDA7442/42D is volume tone (bass and tre- amplifiers. ble) balance (Left/Right) processors for quality au-dio applications in TV and Hi-Fi systems. Thanks to the BIPOLAR/CMOS Technology used,Low Distortion, Low Noise and DC stepping are It reproduces surround sound by using a program- obtained. Figure 2. Pin Connections (Top views) R-IN2 1 32 R-IN3 R_IN3 1 28 R_IN4 R-IN1 2 31

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