Part # LM6104 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM6104 Quad Gray Scale Current Feedback Amplifier

Part Details:

LM6104 June 1994 Quad LM6104Quad Gray Scale Current Feedback Amplifier Gray General Description Features (Typical unless otherwise noted) The LM6104 quad amplifier meets the requirements of bat- Y Low power IS e 875 mA amplifier tery operated liquid crystal displays by providing high speed Y Slew rate 100V ms Scale while maintaining low power consumption Y b3dB bandwidth (RF e 1 kX) 30 MHz Combining this high speed with high integration the Y High output drive g 5V into 100X LM6104 conserves valuable board space in portable sys- Y Wide operating range VS e 5V to g12V tems with a cost effective surface mount quad package Y Current High integration Quad surface mount Built on National s advanced high speed VIPTM (VerticallyIntegrated PNP) process the LM6104 current feedback ar- Applications chitecture is easily compensated for speed and loading con- Y Grey level buffer for liquid crystal displays ditions These features make the LM6104 ideal for buffering Y Column buffer for portable LCDs grey levels in liquid crystal displays Y Video distribution amplifiers video line drivers Feedback Y Hand-held high speed signal conditioning Typical Application LCD Buffer Application for Grey Levels Amplifier TL H 11979 ­ 1 Connection Diagram TL H 11979 ­ 2 Order Number LM6104M

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LM6104.pdf Datasheet