Part # 74LS192 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Motorola


Part Description: 74LS192

Part Details:

SN54/74LS192SN54/74LS193 PRESETTABLE BCD/DECADEUP/DOWN COUNTERPRESETTABLE 4-BIT BINARY PRESETTABLE BCD / DECADE UP/DOWN COUNTER UP / DOWN COUNTER PRESETTABLE 4-BIT BINARY UP / DOWN COUNTER The SN54/74LS192 is an UP/DOWN BCD Decade (8421) Counter and the SN54/74LS193 is an UP/DOWN MODULO-16 Binary Counter. Separate LOW POWER SCHOTTKY Count Up and Count Down Clocks are used and in either counting mode thecircuits operate synchronously. The outputs change state synchronous withthe LOW-to-HIGH transitions on the clock inputs. Separate Terminal Count Up and Terminal Count Down outputs are provided which are used as the clocks for a subsequent stages without extra J SUFFIX logic, thus simplifying multistage counter designs. Individual preset inputs CERAMIC allow the circuits to be used as programmable counters. Both the Parallel CASE 620-09 16 Load (PL) and the Master Reset (MR) inputs asynchronously override the 1 clocks.· Low Power . . . 95 mW Typical Dissipation · High Speed . . . 40 MHz Typical Count Frequency · Synchronous Counting N SUFFIX · Asynchronous Master Reset and Parallel Load PLASTIC · CASE 648-08 Individual Preset Inputs 16 · Cascading Circuitry Internally Provided 1 · Input Clamp Diodes Limit High Speed Termination Effects D SUFFIX CONNECTION DIAGRAM DIP (TOP VIEW) SOIC 16 V CASE 751B-03 CC P0 MR TCD TCU PL P2 P3 1 16 15 14 13 12 11 10

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74LS192.pdf Datasheet