Part # 74LS164 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Motorola


Part Description: 74LS164

Part Details:

SN54/74LS164 SERIAL-IN PARALLEL-OUTSHIFT REGISTER The SN54 / 74LS164 is a high speed 8-Bit Serial-In Parallel-Out Shift Regis- ter. Serial data is entered through a 2-Input AND gate synchronous with theLOW to HIGH transition of the clock. The device features an asynchronous SERIAL-IN PARALLEL-OUT Master Reset which clears the register setting all outputs LOW independent of SHIFT REGISTER the clock. It utilizes the Schottky diode clamped process to achieve highspeeds and is fully compatible with all Motorola TTL products. LOW POWER SCHOTTKY · Typical Shift Frequency of 35 MHz · Asynchronous Master Reset · Gated Serial Data Input · Fully Synchronous Data Transfers · Input Clamp Diodes Limit High Speed Termination Effects J SUFFIX · ESD > 3500 Volts CERAMIC CASE 632-08 14 1 CONNECTION DIAGRAM DIP (TOP VIEW) V N SUFFIX CC Q7 Q6 Q5 Q4 MR CP PLASTIC 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 CASE 646-06 14 NOTE: 1 The Flatpak versionhas the same pinouts(Connection Diagram) asthe Dual In-Line Package. D SUFFIX SOIC 14 CASE 751A-02 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1

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74LS164.pdf Datasheet