Part # ADADC84 AD85 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD ADC84/AD ADC85 Fast Complete 12-Bit A/D Converters Data Sheet (REV. B)

Part Details:

Fast, Complete 12-Bit A/D Converters AD ADC84/AD ADC85 FEATURES PERFORMANCE Complete 12-bit A/D converter with reference and clock Fast successive approximation conversion: 10 µs or 5 µs Buried Zener reference for long-term stability and low Gain TC: 10 ppm/°C Max nonlinearity: < ±0.012% Low power: 880 mW typ Low chip count--high reliability Industry-standard pinout Z models for ±12 V operation available MIL-STD-883B processing available VERSATILITY Negative true parallel logic outputs Short cycle capability Precision +6.3 V reference for external applications PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Figure 1. Functional Block Diagram The AD ADC84/AD ADC85 series devices are high speed, low cost 12-bit successive approximation analog-to-digital converters that The AD ADC84 and AD ADC85C are specified for operation over include an internal clock, reference, and comparator. Its hybrid IC the 0°C to +70°C temperature range. The AD ADC85 and design utilizes MSI digital and linear monolithic chips in AD ADC85S are specified for the ­25°C to +85°C and ­55°C to conjunction with a 12-bit monolithic DAC to provide modular +125°C ranges, respectively. The serial output function is no longer performance and versatility with IC size, price, and reliability. supported on the AD ADC84/AD ADC85 after date code 9623. Important performance characteristics of the AD ADC84/ PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS AD ADC85 series include maximum linearity error of ±0.012%; 1. The AD ADC84/ AD ADC85 series devices are complete gain TC below 15 ppm/°C at 25°C; typical power dissipation of 12-bit ADCs. No external components are required to perform 880 mW; and conversion time of less than 10 µs for the 12-bit a conversion. versions. Of considerable significance in severe and aerospace applications is the guaranteed performance from ­55°C to +125°C 2. The AD ADC84/ AD ADC85 directly replaces other devices of of the AD ADC85S, which is also available with environmental this type with significant increases in performance. screening. Monotonic operation of the feedback DAC guarantees no missing codes over temperature ranges of 0°C to +70°C, ­25°C 3. The fast conversion rates of the AD ADC84 and AD ADC85 to +85°C, and ­55°C to +125°C. (10 s) make them an excellent choice for applications requiring high system throughput rates. The design of the AD ADC84/AD ADC85 includes scaling resistors that provide analog input signal ranges of ±2.5 V, ±5 V, ±10 V, 0 V to 4. The internal buried Zener reference is laser trimmed to 6.3 V +5 V, or 0 V to +10 V. The 6.3 V precision reference, which can be ±0.1% and ±10 ppm/°C typical TC. The reference is available used for external applications, and the input buffer amplifier add externally and can provide up to 1 mA. flexibility and value. All digital signals are fully DTL and TTL 5. The integrated package construction provides high quality and compatible, and the data output is negative-true and available in reliability with small size and weight. parallel form. 6.

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