Part # TDA7535 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

TDA7535 DELTA/SIGMA CASCADE 20 BIT STEREO DAC 20-bit resolution single ended output Analog reconstruction third order Chebyshev filter I2S input data format On chip PLL System clock: 64 Fs 2 output channels SO14 0.9 VRMS single ended output dynamic 3.3V power supply ORDERING NUMBER: TDA7535 Reset Sampling rate 36KHz to 48KHz The TDA7535 is available in SO14 package. The to- DESCRIPTION tal power consumption is less than 75mW. The TDA7535 is a stereo, digital-to-analog converter TDA7535 is suitable for a wide variety of applications designed for audio application, including digital inter- where high performance are required. Its low cost polation filter, a third order multibit Delta-Sigma DAC, and single 3.3V power supply make it ideal for sever- a third order Chebyshev s reconstruction filter and a al applications, such as CD players, MPEG audio, differential to single ended output converter. This de- MIDI applications, CD-ROM drives, CD-Interactive, vice is fabricated in highly advanced CMOS, where digital radio applications and so on. An evaluation high speed precision analog circuits are combined board is available to perform measurement and to with high density logic circuits. The TDA7535, ac- make listening tests. cording to standard audio converters, can accept anyI2S data format. BLOCK DIAGRAM DIGITAL I2S INPUT 20 FIR1 FIR2 FIR3 I2S 20 23 S&H MODULATOR FS 8F 64F CLKOUT ALU S S PLL 4 ANALOG THERMO DECODER & 3rd CHEBYSHEV DIFF TO SINGLE OUTPUT RANDOMIZER

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