Part # LM86 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM86 ±0.75°C Accurate, Remote Diode and Local Digital Temperature Sensor with Two-Wire Interface

Part Details:

Interface LM86 April 2003 ±0.75°C LM86 ±0.75°C Accurate, Remote Diode and Local Digital Accurate, Temperature Sensor with Two-Wire InterfaceGeneral Description n On-board local temperature sensing n 10 bit plus sign remote diode temperature data format, The LM86 is an 11-bit digital temperature sensor with a 0.125 °C resolution 2-wire System Management Bus (SMBus) serial interface. n T_CRIT_A output useful for system shutdown The LM86 accurately measures its own temperature as well Remote as the temperature of an external device, such as processor n ALERT output supports SMBus 2.0 protocol thermal diode or diode connected transistor such as the n SMBus 2.0 compatible interface, supports TIMEOUT 2N3904. The temperature of any ASIC can be accurately n 8-pin MSOP and SOIC packages determined using the LM86 as long as a dedicated diode(semiconductor junction) is available on the target die. The Key Specifications LM86 remote sensor accuracy of ±0.75°C is factory trimmed Diode for the 1.008 typical non-ideality factor of the mobile Pen- j Supply Voltage 3.0V to 3.6V tiumTM III thermal diode. The LM86 has an Offset j Supply Current 0.8mA (typ) register to allow measuring other diodes without j Local Temp Accuracy (includes quantization error) requiring continuous software management. Contact [email protected] to obtain the latest data for T =25°C to 125°C ±3.0°C (max) A and new processors. j Remote Diode Temp Accuracy (includes quantization Activation of the ALERT output occurs when any tempera- error)

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