Part # AD8343 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD8343 DC-to-2.5 GHz High IP3 Active Mixer Data Sheet (Rev B)

Part Details:

DC-to-2.5 GHz High IP3 Active Mixer AD8343 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM High-performance active mixer AD8343 COMM 1 14 COMM Broadband operation to 2.5 GHz Conversion gain: 7 dB INPP 2 13 OUTP Input IP3: 16.5 dBm INPM 3 12 OUTM LO drive: ­10 dBm DCPL 4 11 COMM Noise figure: 14 dB VPOS 5 10 LOIP Input P1dB: 2.8 dBm BIAS Differential LO, IF and RF Ports PWDN 6 9 LOIM 1 50 LO input impedance COMM 7 8 COMM 004-03 Single-supply operation: 5 V @ 50 mA typical 01 Power-down mode @ 20 A typical Figure 1. APPLICATIONS Cellular base stations Wireless LAN Satellite converters SONET/SDH radio Radio links RF instrumentation GENERAL DESCRIPTION The LO driver circuitry typically consumes 15 mA of current. The AD8343 is a high-performance broadband active mixer. Two external resistors are used to set the mixer core current for With wide bandwidth on all ports and very low intermodula- required performance, resulting in a total current of 20 mA to tion distortion, the AD8343 is well suited for demanding

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