Part # MAX9921 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9921 DS

Part Details:

19-4119; Rev 0; 6/08 Dual, 2-Wire Hall-Effect Sensor Interface with Diagnostics MAX9921 General Description Features The MAX9921 provides a single chip solution to interface Withstands 60V at BAT Supply and Hall Inputs two 2-wire Hall-effect sensors to a low-voltage micro- 6V to 18V Operating Voltage Range processor (µP). This device supplies and monitors the cur-rent drawn by two Hall-effect sensors, filters the sensed Provides Supply Current and Interfaces to Two current level, and outputs the corresponding logic level. 2-Wire Hall Sensors The MAX9921 includes input diagnostics and fault pro- Error Output with Diagnostics of Hall Inputs and tection. These features allow the device to determine fault BAT Voltage conditions such as open inputs, inputs shorted to the bat- Protects Hall Sensors from Overvoltage by tery, and inputs shorted to ground. If the MAX9921 Isolating them from Supply Transients detects any of these conditions at either IN1 or IN2, the Hall Inputs Protected from Short to Ground device shuts off the current to the corresponding input. Ramps Current to Hall Sensors at 4mA/µs The MAX9921 protects the Hall sensors from supply tran-sients up to 60V at the BAT supply. Normal operating Output Enable Input Allows Multiplexing of supply voltage ranges from 6V to 18V. If the battery volt- Outputs from Multiple MAX9921s age is out of range, the MAX9921 shuts off the current to Hall Output Filtering the Hall sensors. Hall Sensor Blanking Following Hall Sensor The MAX9921 provides an 80µs blanking time following Power-Up and Restart Hall sensor power-up or restart. The open-drain logic Low-Power Shutdown, Controlled with OE and outputs are compatible with logic levels up to 5.5V. DIAG Inputs The MAX9921 is available in a small 10-pin µMAX® Operates with ±2V Ground Shifts Between Hall package and is specified over the -40°C to +125°C Sensor and MAX9921 automotive temperature range. Ordering Information Applications PART TEMP RANGE PIN-PACKAGE Door Modules Powered Lift Gate Controllers MAX9921AUB+T -40°C to +125°C 10 µMAX

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