Part # ADM690 AD691 AD692 AD693 AD694 AD695 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADM690-ADM695 Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits Data Sheet (Rev. A)

Part Details:

a Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits ADM690­ADM695 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAMS Superior Upgrade for MAX690­MAX695 V Specified Over Temperature BATT Low Power Consumption (5 mW) VOUT Precision Voltage MonitorReset Assertion Down to 1 V V V CC CC Low Switch On-Resistance 1.5 Normal, 20 in Backup RESET 4.65V1 GENERATOR2 RESET High Current Drive (100 mA)Watchdog Timer--100 ms, 1.6 s, or Adjustable600 nA Standby Current WATCHDOG WATCHDOG ADM690 Automatic Battery Backup Power Switching TRANSITION DETECTOR INPUT (WDI) (1.6s) ADM692 Extremely Fast Gating of Chip Enable Signals (5 ns) ADM694 Voltage Monitor for Power Fail POWER FAIL INPUT (PFI) POWER FAIL APPLICATIONS OUTPUT (PFO) 1.3V Microprocessor SystemsComputers 1VOLTAGE DETECTOR = 4.65V (ADM690, ADM694) 4.40V (ADM692) Controllers 2RESET PULSE WIDTH = 50ms (ADM690, ADM692) Intelligent Instruments 200ms (ADM694) Automotive Systems BATT ON V GENERAL DESCRIPTION BATT The ADM690­ADM695 family of supervisory circuits offers VOUT complete single chip solutions for power supply monitoring and ADM691

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