Part # MAX801L-MAX808N datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX801 808 DS

Part Details:

19-1086; Rev 1; 11/05 8-Pin µP Supervisory Circuits with ±1.5% Reset Accuracy MAX801L/M/N, MAX808L/M/N _______________General Description ____________________________Features The MAX801/MAX808 microprocessor (µP) supervisory Precision Voltage Monitoring, ±1.5% Reset circuits monitor and control the activities of +5V µPs by Accuracy providing backup-battery switchover, low-line indica- 200ms Power-OK/Reset Time Delay tion, and µP reset. Additional features include a watch-dog for the MAX801 and CMOS RAM write protection RESET Output (MAX808) for the MAX808. RESET and RESET Outputs (MAX801) The MAX801/MAX808 offer a choice of reset-threshold Watchdog Timer (MAX801) voltage (denoted by suffix letter): 4.675V (L), 4.575V On-Board Gating of Chip-Enable Signals (MAX808): (N), and 4.425V (M). These devices are available in Memory Write-Cycle Completion 8-pin DIP and SO packages. 3ns CE Gate Propagation Delay 1µA Standby Current ________________________Applications Power Switching: 250mA in V Computers CC Mode 20mA in Battery-Backup Mode Controllers MaxCapTM/SuperCapTM Compatible Intelligent Instruments RESET Guaranteed Valid to VCC = 1V Low-Line Threshold 52mV Above Reset Critical µP Power Monitoring Threshold Portable/Battery-Powered Equipment MaxCap is a trademark of The Carborundum Corp. SuperCap is a trademark of Baknor Industries. Embedded Systems ______________Ordering Information PART* TEMP RANGE PIN-PACKAGE MAX801_CPA 0°C to +70°C 8 Plastic DIP Pin Configurations appear at end of data sheet. MAX801_CSA 0°C to +70°C 8 SO MAX801_EPA -40°C to +85°C 8 Plastic DIP

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