Part # STGB3NB60S datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: N-channel 3A - 600V D2PAK PowerMESH™ IGB

Part Details:

STGB3NB60SD N-CHANNEL 3A - 600V D2PAK Power MESHTM IGBT TYPE VCES VCE(sat) Ic STGB3NB60SD 600 V <1.5 V 3 A s HIGH INPUT IMPEDANCE(VOLTAGE DRIVEN) s VERY LOW ON-VOLTAGE DROP (Vcesat) s HIGH CURRENT CAPABILITY 3 1 s OFF LOSSES INCLUDE TAIL CURRENT s INTEGRATED FREEWHEELING DIODE D2PAK s SURFACE-MOUNTING D2PAK (TO-263) TO-263 POWER PACKAGE IN TAPE & REEL (suffix"T4") (SUFFIX "T4") DESCRIPTIONUsing the latest high voltage technology based on apatented strip layout, STMicroelectronics has designed INTERNAL SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM an advanced family of IGBTs, the PowerMESHTM IGBTs,with outstanding perfomances. The suffix "S" identifies afamily optimized to achieve minimum on-voltage drop forlow frequency applications (<1kHz). APPLICATIONS s GAS DISCHARGE LAMP s STATIC RELAYS s MOTOR CONTROL ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol Parameter Value Unit VCES Collector-Emitter Voltage (VGS = 0) 600 V VGE Gate-Emitter Voltage ± 20 V IC Collector Current (continuos) at Tc=25°C

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STGB3NB60S.pdf Datasheet