Part # LM108AQML datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM108 LM108AQML Operational Amplifiers

Part Details:

LM108/LM108AQML December 2005 LM108/LM108AQMLOperational AmplifiersGeneral Description fact, it operates from 10 M source resistances, introducingless error than devices like the 709 with 10 k sources. The LM108 is a precision operational amplifier having speci- Integrators with drifts less than 500 µV/sec and analog time fications a factor of ten better than FET amplifiers over a delays in excess of one hour can be made using capacitors Operational -55°C to +125°C temperature range. no larger than 1 µF. The devices operate with supply voltages from ±2V to ±20Vand have sufficient supply rejection to use unregulated sup- Features plies. Although the circuit is interchangeable with, and usesthe same compensation as the LM101A, an alternate com- n Maximum input bias current of 3.0 nA over temperature pensation scheme can be used to make it particularly insen- n Offset current less than 400 pA over temperature sitive to power supply noise and to make supply bypass n Supply current of only 300 µA, even in saturation capacitors unnecessary. n Guaranteed drift characteristics The low current error of the LM108 makes possible many Amplifiers designs that are not practical with conventional amplifiers. In Ordering Information NS PART NUMBER SMD PART NUMBER NS PACKAGE NUMBER PACKAGE DISCRIPTION LM108AH/883 H08C 8LD Metal Can LM108AJ-8/883 J08A 8LD CERDIP LM108AJ/883 J14A 14LD CERDIP LM108AWG/883 WG10A 10LD Ceramic SOIC LM108AHRQML 5962R9863702QGA H08C 8LD Metal Can 100k rd(Si) LM108AHRQMLV 5962R9863702VGA H08C 8LD Metal Can 100k rd(Si) LM108AJ-8RQMLV 5962R9863702VPA J08A 8LD CERDIP

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